We supply skips of different sizes for hire. Our skip size starts from a minimum of 4 yard up to a maximum of 16 yard.

Our motto is to provide excellent customer service by delivering and picking up the skips on time.
For more information on hiring skips from us please call us on 020 83577582 or 0795 616 5651
Terms & Conditions:
We accept no liability for any damage caused if customer(s) ask for the skip to be taken off the public highway. The customer shall also provide and clearly indicate to our driver a safe route from the public highway to the point of discharge and the customer shall indemnify us, our servants and agents for any damage or injury resulting from any failure to do so. An unsigned ticket is not a valid reason for non-payment of Invoice.
N.B. To customer, authorised agents, representatives or responsible persons signing this delivery ticket. This is in your interest. Please read this ticket carefully and inspect material, agreeing quantity, and quality and that everything is to your satisfaction before finally signing this receipt note. We regret we cannot under any circumstances entertain any claims concerning quantity or quality once the vehicle has left the site and a clear signature has been given.

Customers ordering vehicles off the public road do so entirely on their own responsibility. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by our vehicle while delivering to your site. All material delivered to site remain the property of the vendor until paid for in full.

Certified that the above particulars are true and relate to the aggregate, sub based materials being conveyed or disposed of in pursuance of the sale.

Condition Of Hire:

Customers warrant that with respect to each skip ordered to be placed other than on private property the permission of the Highways Act 1971, and customers undertake that they will ensure that all conditions subject to which the permission is granted shall be observed at all time and in particular will secure that the skip will be properly lighted during the hours of darkness. (Where no traffic cones are required a lamp shall be placed against or attached to each other corner of the skip or the end corners of a row of skip; where cones traffic are required as in above but in addition a lamp shall be placed between each cone and the next).
Customers shall also ensure the safe loading of material into the skip. The company will not be liable for any penalties or liabilities arising as a result of the failure of the customer to comply with section 31 of the highways Act 1979. The company reserve the right to request supporting documentation from the customer relating to compliance with council road permits and suspended bay authorisation. Responsibility for maintaining validity of said permits and authorisations and of keeping the company updated remain with the customer at all time.

Customers requesting or ordering vehicle delivering or collecting skip to leave the public highway shall reimburse us in respect of any loss, cost, claims, damages or expenses we may thereby sustain whether as a result of damage to the vehicle themselves or the parties but so that we remain liable in respect of any negligence on the part AZADS Timber and Builders Merchant is registered in England of ourselves or our employees.

Customers shall reimburse us in respect of any loss or damage to the skip whilst on hire to them from whatever cause the same may arise (fair wear and tear excepted). They shall also fully indemnify us in respect of any claims for injury to persons or property arising out of the use of skip whilst on hire to them howsoever the same may be caused or arise.

That the waste material is of such nature that regulations issued by the secretary of state under the deposit of poisonous waste Act 1972 (hereinafter called Act) in force on the date of the removal of each loaded skip exempt the waste material being removed from the provisions of the Actor.

That the required notice has been served under the provisions of sections 3(1) of the Act on the requiredAuthorities in the form required by section 3(2) of Act covering the removal of each loaded skip.

Skip can be hired for a maximum period of 21 days only.

The company will comply with and observe all aspects of the highways Act, when delivering or collecting a skip. Of, in the process of delivering a skip as per the customer instructions, the company receive any fines from highways agencies or local authorities, the customer will be liable to the penalty.

Should the company become aware that the customer have our skip and are not in compliance with the above terms and conditions of hire, we reserve the right to remove the skip immediately, without notice.

Customers ordering skip to be placed on their private property such as Garden, driveway, pavement etc, taking full responsibility in case if any damage will be done to it. In other words, we will not be liable for any damages done to the property while dropping or picking up the skip.

We do not provide any protective netting, covers or light, which lays the responsibility of the hirers.

No skip shall contain any inflammable, explosive, noxious, dangerous material or any material which is likely to putrefy or to become a nuisance or danger to users of the highway, keep the contents of the skip damped down toprevent dust nuisance and cover the contents during transit for disposal.